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1. Approximate time to download the full and regional versions (Approximate time to download the general optical communication line or the recommended speed of 30 Mbps (or higher), etc.).

A.D. file size is 20GB. So, 1.5 hours by 32Mbps (4 MB/s)
3hours by 16Mbps (2 MB/s)

2. Required time it takes to update the full and regional versions to the navigation system.

- Full Update via USB: 40 minutes 25.04GB
- Partial Update (kanto) via USB: 8 minutes 4.47GB

3. Recommended working environment (PC specs).

- Computer free disk space min 80GB
- unzip tool to decompress map update zip-archive (e.g. 7zip, winzip, winrar or other)
- USB port (v2.0 or higher)
- recommended internet connection: 30Mbps or higher

4. Supported OS.

Generally Windows, Mac, Linux.
PC needs to support FAT32 fomating of USB memory, unzip tool needs to be installed, web browser and internet.

5. Supported Browsers.

Generally it should work with all modern web browser.
Tested and supported:
- Microsoft IE v11+
- Google Chrome v77+
- Microsoft Edge v44+
- Safari v12+(Mac)
- Firefox v69+
- Opera v58+

6. Used USB memory requirements (minimum is 32GB, but some limits?). Also, if you do not format the USB, be sure to mention that you must format it and leave it empty if it is likely to fail.

- disc space more than 32GB
- format by FAT32

7. The reason why the map version is not updated.

The main map version will be updated with a full update. Regional updates just the area. The JPN wide side products and other areas are not updated. Therefore the main version will be still the old one.

8. Differences between full and regional versions and when storing data in dbupdata.

(see third sheet)
Full and regional updates have the same version numbers.
Full update contains the 8 regions + additional JP wide side products like speech dialog, voice files, wold map (map around Japan), VICS frequencies etc.

Regional update updates just the navigation data for this area.
Thats why we have different version constellations.

9. Why the list of updatable areas is less than the last time the map was updated.

There are 8 regions in all, region which is already latest is not shown in list neither in website or wifi update. Decission was made by Nissan during development, that only new updates have to be shown for end customer.

10. Unable to save Map Information to USB.

Use USB device with FAT32.

11. There is not enough space in the USB device.

Use formatted USB.

12. Unable to save Map Information to USB since the USB device was removed.

Do not eject USB until completion popup.

13. The data on the USB device is invalid.

Recopy map update package as well as onto USB device.

14. Please re-copy the updated map to the USB and try again.

Recopy map update package as well as onto USB device.

15. The Map Update is not compatible with the current software version. Please update the software to continue.

Update navigation software.

16. Unable to read the USB device. Please check the device for errors.

Recopy map update package as well as onto USB device.

17. The map data is missing or corrupted. Please insert USB Stick with full update to perform recovery.

Insert USB device with valid map update package.